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The Cane Corso originates from Italy where it was used in ancient time to guard livestock and property.There is also some legends that talk of them being related to the giant Molossus breeds that were used in times of war.

Today, thanks to breeding enthusiasts  around the world, the Cane Corso has grown in popularity and been brought back from the edge of extinction.

Today they are popular as a family pet, guard dogs, companion for the disabled, police and tracking and in the show ring and can be found in almost all countries of the world.



The temperament of the  Cane Corso is extremely loyal, intelligent, has a natural guarding instinct and they are quite athletic.A very loving breed that aims to please.


Choosing only to breed dog's that show sound temperament is key to producing off spring that is suitable to be in a family environment and is of utmost importance to us.

Due to the natural guard instinct it is recommended that pups are socialized and put in as many social situations as possible from a young age.

As Cane Corso are a large, very strong breed it is also recommended that obedience training starts early.

The Cane Corso loves to be with their family and will always be on the look out for threats.


Health problems which can arise in the breed include

Hip and elbow displasia and/or degeneration, due to either genetics or environmental causes.

As they are a large breed it is strongly encouraged that as a puppy they are not over exercised or encouraged to jump.

This can creates problems in the joints and may lead to problems in the future.

Large breeds are also susceptible to a condition called bloat, where the the stomach swells and can possibly twist .This is an immediate life threatening condition which requires vet attention asap.Although rare ,all potential owners of a large breed should be made aware of the symptoms.     

Cherry eye is a condition that arises in some large breed dog's were the third eye lid can protrude  causing an unsightly condition that most times requires surgery to fix. 

Careful screening of breeding pairs aims to eliminate the possibility of genetic faults.

Diet is extremely important to all animals and can have a significant effect on the growth and health of a  young, fast growing puppy,all our puppies come with diet advise.








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